Reporting an Incident

Lancaster University should be a safe, inclusive space for everyone. If you have experienced a racist incident, have witnessed hate speech or are worried about someone being harassed, there are ways to find help and support.

You can find the definition of a hate crime here.

In October 2019 the Equality and Human Rights Commission released a report stating that UK Universities are oblivious to the scale of racial abuse on campus. LUREN supports reporting racial abuse if you feel safe and confident to do so. If you would like to chat it through informally, please get in touch with UCU Equalities Officer Julie Hearn. She may also be able to connect you to others who have been through something similar.

Call Campus Security: 01524 510090

Search for UniSafe on the iLancaster App to report anonymously

Email UCU Equalities Officer Julie Hearn

Call the Police: Emergency? 999
Not an Emergency? 111